Did you know that I not only allow senior session to be split up into two sessions, but encourage it! And, summertime is a great time for your first session!

For starters, summertime has more daylight. Golden hour (an hour before sunset) doesn't happen until well after 8 in the summer, so we have a lot of time to make sure we get all the shots we want to get in.

Secondly, the weather is a little more predictable…hey, said a little. Fall and spring and winter sessions are so difficult to plan because you just never know what it's going to be like. Everyone wants fall pictures, and who can blame them…they're beautiful. However, the past couple years fall has lasted all of 2 weeks :-( So, why not book a summer session and then we can still hope to plan a session for another season.

A third reason is variety. Maybe you have a summer outfit that you love but would be problematic for fall/winter/spring pics. Let's do a session with those outfits now and then some favorite warmer outfits in the fall/winter.

My favorite reason is I love it when senior pictures tell the story of your senior year. You can reflect on the journey. Doing sessions each season (yes, I offer additional sessions at a discount) gives you the chance to document your entire senior year in a beautiful album. I am hooked on albums. Nearly every collection I do includes an album. I feel they are a must-have. And, while one session looks great in an album, multiple sessions through the year just add some extra pizzaz :-)

Another great reason for booking a summer session is that your senior year will breeze right by and a time will come when yearbook pics are due and you're scrambling around trying to book a quick session in the winter. Don't let that be you! Let's book a session for this summer and then plan another session during the year, or, better yet, let's plan on doing a session each season!

So, how about it? You up for a summer session?

Click here to see available appointments and book your session today!


Also be on the look out next week (starting June 14th) for the first annual Dyer Creative Senior Week. This week will include featured content, promos and giveaways.