The number one question I'm asked before a shoot is, "What should I wear?" 

My number one answer I usually give is, "Ripped jeans and camo!"

And, while I do love those ripped jeans and camo, there are a lot of other great outfit choices that would look great for a shoot. And let's face it, ripped jeans and camo may not be your style...and that is completely ok!

For a while now I've wanted to build a style closet. This may surprise you, but for a guy, I'm actually pretty good at picking out outfits :-) You don't know how many times we've gone into AE and I've told my wife that I wish I could bring some of my upcoming seniors shopping.

For a couple reasons, though, I haven't done a style closet. For starters, I think it may be weird for a dad of three boys to be buying up girls' clothes. Secondly, the expense of buying a variety of clothes in different sizes just wouldn't justify the benefits of doing it.

I have decided instead, to put together a Pinterest board (If I had a guy card it's probably officially revoked now) dedicated to outfits that I personally like and think would look great during for a photo session. I will try to provide outfit ideas for all different styles and all different occasions (casual, semi-dressy, and dressy). Another goal for this board is to promote local boutiques and businesses, so I will be including a lot of local merchants in the board.

In the coming weeks, I'll work on organizing the board into categories and add a guy's folder as well.

If you have any suggestions of outfits or local boutiques I can look through, please feel free to let me know!

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General Guidelines 

There's more to making sure your shoot turns out the best it can than just what clothes you wear. Here are some helpful tips that might come in handy:

  • Make sure your clothes fit. It's important to make sure the clothes you pick out fit properly. They shouldn't be too loose or baggy and shouldn't be too short or too tight. Both of these extremes can be real distractions in a photo.
  • Make sure your clothes are ironed. I understand. I hate ironing! But, at the same time, this is a big mistake I see quite often. Wrinkles are extremely noticeable in pictures and, much like clothes not fitting, can be a real distraction.
  • Um, I don't know how to put this...but, make sure nothing underneath shows if you know what I mean. It is generally a good idea to wear nude color undies (this is so embarrassing typing this 😳). I would say the very rare exception is a colored bra under a tank that the straps are intended to show (again, it's rare...try to avoid if possible). This actually goes for guys too though, so don't think I'm singling you ladies out. There are a lot of times I'll see rolled up lines where boxers are. Just be aware and make sure nothing shows 😉
  • Accessorize. Whew, now that we've got the underwear talk out of the way we can talk about accessories. Hats, scarves, sunglasses, necklaces, umbrellas, etc can all be great additions to your shoot. They're also handy in that they can give you something to do with your hands (get it, handy 😂).
  • Layers. Bringing a jacket, sweater or flannel that can be layered is another great way to add variety to your shoot.

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