Imagin Werner, Class of 2023 Rep

It may come as no surprise that the primary focus of Dyer Creative has been seniors and teens. The reason for this is simple...

I love this age! 

And after much thought and deliberation I have decided that I do not want to keep seniors and teens as my primary focus--I want to make them my sole focus.

What does this mean exactly? It's simple. I will no longer be taking appointments for families, weddings, engagements or any other non-senior & teen related. I understand that this could possibly negatively affect some booking me for their senior or teen sessions, but I hope it does not. There are so many great photographers nowadays, and each one has their own niche.

There are some amazing wedding photographers in the area and some amazing family photographers as well. I happen to think that I'm a pretty solid senior and teen photographer. I firmly believe that you should book the best photographer for your occasion. My hope is that when the time comes that you need 8th grade pictures or sweet 16 pictures or senior pictures you'll think of me, and for all of your other photography needs, I will even recommend my favorites!

I'm sure some of you are asking what has led to this decision. The answer is, there are many:

  1. As I've already stated above, I love this seniors and teen age group! I love working with each and every teenager, encouraging them to be themselves, to forget about all of their problems for a couple hours and just allow themselves to be the star of the show. I remember what it was like being in high school. There were so many great times. But at the same time there were many challenges and struggles. This is something I empathize with, and if I can get a teenager to laugh, to smile, and to maybe even dance, then I would count that session as a success!
  2. Teens deserve to have someone focused 100% on them. It bothers me when I see photographers post about seniors being their jam or that they love seniors and then see one senior pic along with a myriad of wedding/engagement and family pics. Don't get me wrong, many of them are fantastic photographers! But I want every single senior or teen to know that I am 100% all about them! Period! On my Instagram they are going to see nothing but their own pics and pics of other guys and girls their age. Again, I don't feel like that makes me better than any other just makes me focused.
  3. There's a famous quote that says "do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life". For me, photography is a second job. I'm fortunate enough to love my day job. I chose this photography journey as a way to express my creative side. When I'm shooting teens and seniors, I completely feel like that is exactly what I'm doing. I enjoy every minute of it. And to be completely honest, doing any other type of photography feels like work and I don't enjoy it nearly as much.

If you're still with me, thanks for sticking with me to the end! I apologize if you were hoping to book a family session or engagement session or wedding with me in the near future. I truly appreciate that you thought of me and I will certainly recommend a photographer to fit that need. If I have already committed to doing your family or wedding sessions, I will fulfill that commitment...but I also would not hesitate in helping you find someone else as well.

If you have a senior or teenager or will have one in the near future (trust me, it goes fast!), I hope that you still consider Dyer Creative for all of your teenager's photo needs!